Jared Comis

Product Design

Hey there. I lead digital product design from strategy and development to release and beyond. My expertise is product design and UX, but I also focus on growth, strategy, culture, and innovation.

Currently, I’m at Box where I'm helping build products that enable organizations to collaborate seamlessly in the cloud. Previously, I was at Deloitte Digital where I created and scaled both consumer and enterprise products for fortune 500 partners like Chipotle, Ford, and Visa.

I’m a perpetual student of craft and process; I'm always looking for way to improve our connection to the customers we serve. Lately I’ve been focused on building teams while creating a data driven and user centered design culture to deliver products that scale.

Want to see my work? Check out  chipotle.com or the Chipotle app, which recently was awarded a webby 🌯🏆

Detailed case studies available upon request.

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